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Radar is a kind of special form of electromagnetic waves, radar level meter using the special performance of electromagnetic wave to detection of material level. Electromagnetic wave propagation of physical properties similar to visible light, the speed of light. Its frequency is 300 MHZ - 300 GHZ. Electromagnetic waves can travel through space steam, dust and other interference source, detect obstacles are easy to be reflected, the better the conductivity measured medium or the dielectric constant, the greater the echo signal reflected the better the results.

GUMO/FC series of radar level gauge the higher the frequency, the smaller the launch Angle, the greater the energy per unit area (magnetic flux or field), the smaller the wave attenuation, radar material level meter to measure the better the results。

Launch - reflection - receive is the basic principle of radar level gauge type work。 Antenna of radar sensor in the form of beam emission minimum 5。8 GHz radar signal。 Reflected signal from the antenna, FC series radar material level JiLeiDa pulse signal from transmitting to receiving the operation time and the distance of the sensor to the surface of a medium and is proportional to the level。

I。e。, h = h - n / 2

Type of h as the material level; H for slot high; V as the radar wave velocity; T is the time interval of radar wave transmitting to receiving

Advanced technology

1. Echo processing the application of new technology From FC series radar material level JiLeiDa of measuring principle of the meter can know, FC series radar material level JiLeiDa material level meter is by processing radar wave from the probe to the surface of a medium and then return to the probe to measure the material level, there are many interference signal mixed in the reflected signal, so the real echo processing and the recognition of all sorts of false echo technology becomes the FC series radar material level JiLeiDa material level meter to measure accurately the key factors.

2. The measurement data processing:

Due to the liquid level fluctuation and random noise, the influence of such factors as is certain to be mixed with a lot of noise in the signal. In order to improve the detection accuracy, must be conducted to detect signal processing, eliminate noise as much as possible.

After a great deal of experimental verification, the data smoothing method can achieve satisfactory results。 This method also can effectively overcome the tank agitator effect on the measurement。

3。 GUMO series radar material level JiLeiDa material level meter features:

Because GUMO series radar material level JiLeiDa material level meter adopts the advanced echo processing and data processing technology, combined with high frequency radar wave itself, through good performance characteristics, so the GUMO series radar material level JiLeiDa than contact material level meter and the indicator similar non-contact material level meter is more excellent performance。

1) can be continuous in harsh conditions accurately measured.

(2) the operation is simple, easy to debug.

(3) accurate safe and save energy.

(4) no maintenance and high reliability.

(5) can measure almost all media.

Three, installation problems should be paid attention to

(1) when measuring liquid material, the axis of the sensor and keep the vertical surface; When measuring solid material, because there will be a heap of solid medium Angle, the sensor will be tilted Angle.

(2) to avoid the launch Angle is causing false reflection of the device。 Especially to avoid in a third of the conical emission antenna nearest disabled device (because the closer barrier device, the stronger the false reflected signal)。 If really can't avoid, suggest using a false reflection refraction board will be a strong signal refraction。 So that we can reduce the energy density of false echoes, the sensor is easy to filter out false signals。

(3) to avoid feeding mouth, lest produce false reflection.

(4) sensors do not install in the center of the vaulted tank (or sensor receive false echo will enhance), also can't close to the tank wall is installed, the best installation location at 1/2 radius of the container。

(5) to avoid install where there is a strong eddy current. Such as: due to stir or strong chemical reaction, suggest using guided wave tube or by-pass pipe measurement.

(6) if the sensor is installed on the takeover, antenna must come out from takeover. Bell mouth antenna out over at least 10 mm. Rod antenna over 100 or 250 mm in length. To take over the minimum diameter of 250 mm. Can be increased over the diameter of the methods to reduce clutter echo due to take over.

(7) on the guided wave antenna: guided wave tube inner surface must be smooth, the opening of guided wave tube must meet the minimum level of need, in order to measure in the pipeline。 The type of sensor card to aim at the axis of the guided wave tube hole。 If measured dielectric constant is less than 4, be installed in the end of the guided wave tube reflection board, or the ends of guided wave tube bending into a camber, refract the echo of the bottom of the container。

Four, the application of existing problems and solutions

Some conditions the use of radar level meter, because the sensor caused by improper installation location and conditions, there have been some problems, the following will propose solutions to some problems in using, for your reference.

1. The probe scarring and frequent fault solution

Guided wave radar level meter

The first method is to install the probe position, but sometimes the installation conditions, can't improve the situation, it should be applied to material level measured values and the tank, pump interlock way to solve this problem, will be the highest level value decrease 0.5 m or so, when the level reaches the peak, feed pump or stop discharging opening (pump.

2. The KERD - 800/900 series radar material level JiLeiDa flooded the indicator of the corresponding improvement measures

The solution to this problem is to radar material level meter to guided wave tube measurement. Is still at the original hole tube and guided wave radar level meter, exhaust pipe guided wave tube is higher than 0.2 m or so, in this way, even if the pulp from exhaust steam pipe leak condition, will not make the material level meter antenna submerged by slurry, and avoids the blender vortex interference and a large number of steam from the probe, reduces the damage to the probe, at the same time because of the guided wave tube is focused on the effect is good, the received radar signal is stronger, good measurement results have been achieved. Guided wave tube is used to measure the way, can improve the meter measuring conditions, improve the instrument to measure performance, has the very high application value.

3. About the bubble influence on measurement:

Dry foam and wet the radar wave can be reflected, for measuring no effect; Neutral foam will absorb and diffuse radar wave, thus seriously affect echo reflection and even no echo. When the medium surface is thick and thick foam, measurement error is larger or you can't measure, under this condition, radar level meter don't have an advantage, it is the limitations of its application.

4. The antenna scar treatment:

Dielectric constant small hanging in the dry state has no influence on measurement, while hanging high dielectric constant have influence on measurement。 The available compressed air purge (or water), and compressed air cooling can reduce the temperature of flange and electrical components。 Also available acidic cleaning fluid to clean alkaline scar, but can't material level measurement during cleaning。

The characteristics of

Non-contact liquid level transmitter used in liquid or solid Conductivity constant, temperature, pressure and density change, the accuracy of radar level meter can be up to + / - 1 mm measurement range of up to 100 m, tank bottom tracking (TBF) method for measuring the low conductivity constant, the flange of medium temperature can reach 250 DHS C medium temperature - DHS C 60-600 DHS C pressure of up to 64 bar HART, communications PA, FF, RS485 ATEX explosion test certification.

Application guidelines

Radar level gauge is suitable for acid and alkali storage tank, the slurry storage tank, solid particles and small oil tanks. All kinds of conductive, non conductive medium, and corrosive medium. Such as coal, ash storehouse, oil tank, acid tank, etc

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