Name:Resistance rotary level switchModel:ZX-10 ZX-80 Download
Resistance rotary level switch the controller uses electromechanical position control theory, material level contact measurement。 When no material inside the silo blade parts, level energized, indicator light, rotating blades counterclockwise; when the inner parts of a feed hopper blade, blade rotation is blocked, the control signal conversion, followed by material level disconnect electrical power, this state is maintained until the blade portion of non-material, material level is automatically reset, power-on motors, lights, blades began to spin, control signal switching.
l The new structural design, corrosion-resistant, non-polluting, moisture, dust

l mechanical overload protection device

l proportion of different detection blade

l High temperature materials can be used in the environment ≤300 ℃
Metallurgy, chemical, oil, electricity, food, paper, coal, building materials, medicine and other fields of material level alarm and control
High dust-proof and other special circumstances
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