Name:Link float level switchModel:DF-ES34-1200 Download
Action principle: in a closed metal or plastic tube, set one or more points of the magnetic reed switch, and then the tube through one or more of the internal hollow ring magnet float equipped, and use a fixed loop control float and reed switch in the relevant position, so that float fluctuate within a certain range. Use float magnet to attract magnetic reed switch contact, resulting in the opening and closing action.

Link float level switch has PP, PVDF material suitable for strong acid sites; SUS 304/316 metal materials suitable for high temperature and pressure Tongcao.
The most complete specifications junction box, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel explosion-proof, protection class IP-65 and above.
Contact capacity 50W / 250VAC SPST or 30W / 200VDC SPDT.
Connecting flanges have JIS, DIN, ANSI specifications; teeth mouth NPT, PF, BSP, etc specifications
There ABS, GL, CR international registry certification and Ex-proof certification.
Do multi-point control, easy to install and cost savings.
o Special specifications can also be customized to meet customer demand。
Applicable industries: shipbuilding, electrical generating equipment, petrochemical, food, waste / water treatment, electronics, dyeing, chemical, chemical, hydraulic machinery and other industrial sites.
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